Sept 15, 2017

Someone should make an app that that delays what you want to post by 20 minutes.  That’s brief enough for it to still be relevant, but long enough for you to realize it might ruin your life.


Sept. 15, 2017

They are experimenting with the idea of injecting microchips into people that will replace credit cards and car keys.  Some point to the book of revaluations, warning that this is the “mark of the beast” …you know “no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark” and and on.  I have no need to form an opinion one way or the other…seeing as how my smartphone is 8 years old, I use Microsoft windows 7, and my car doesn’t even have automatic windows, I’ll have met my maker long before I would have caught up with this technology.

Sept. 14, 2017

99% of comedy stems from being critical of something. and what isn’t can be mined long enough until a knock knock joke triggers people because 3rd world countries don’t have doorbells.
Just…enjoy things in the spirit in which they were intended, or you will go through life making yourself and everyone around you miserable.

Sept. 13, 2017

I don’t know jack squat about any of the science stuff you people argue over, and I don’t much care. but let me say THIS. Bill Nye doesn’t have an actual degree in any of the stuff he’s been going on about for the past 20 years. He has a bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from 1977 and talked to a sock puppet on t.v. How in the blue hell is he being quoted alongside Neil DeGrasse Tyson?!
If I was Neil, and saw that Bill Nye “the science guy” was on equal footing with me in the minds of the people, I’d rethink my position on whatever the subject was, on my life choices, and I’d become a ragging alcoholic.

Sept. 12, 2017

I loathe M.I.A. She’s 40 something but her lyrics are those of a vapid 17year old with no life experience, and she dresses like what eastern block immigrants thought was cool ten years ago…it’s so-so pop dance music. why is it on my mp3 and why do I find myself listening to it all the time?

September 12 2017

Tried some Pokey…it’s fine, but if it was made in the U.S. instead of Japan it’d be the size of a baby’s arm and have a coating of chocolate an inch thick, and so would sushi, and technical porn would have cars crashes and explosions…and would it kill them to have some product placement, like maybe she fights off one a the tentacles with a Domino’s Pizza box or something? How am I supposed to know what kind of soda I want when I’m done watching? and that’s why the next time we have a chance to just take that country over…I say we do it.

Sept. 10, 2017

What if when Hurricane Irma hits we find out that there was some fault line along the Florida pan handle and FL  went spinning off and everyone was like “aaaahhhhhhhh” and it hit Cuba and they were all “Aiiiiiiyyyyyyy” and it smashed together and stayed that way and when they rebuilt, they just rebuilt as one country and called it Culorida…and that sorta sounds like some female sex part or something and so someone goes on the internet and finds out it’s the word for some disgusting sex act and all the other counties make fun of it.