Feb. 5, 2018

seeing people aghast after seeing what the falcon looks like before Han Solo gets it.


“how did the Millennium Falcon get sooo dirty? lol”

…uhm…he’s single.
Take a look around your own apartment single people, and now add to that disaster your roommate being a giant bear and the whole thing occasionally tipping and rocking back and forth.



Superbowl thoughts in chronological order

Tired of seeing me watch tv on this 8 inch magnaxov tv/vhs combo, my siblings chipped in and got me this “flatscreen” tv for Xmas.
my first time watching a superbowl on such a big screen…it’s too big D: I can’t handle the change!! I can’t get my head around what’s happening!! (moving chair way back til the screen seems 8 inches again)

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That broad on the diet coke commercial was skinny enough to give ME body image issues…well played Coke!

hahaha #etrade old people…acting like they are young lolololo too funny! :/ your commercial blows…if I had any savings I would not hire you.


That broad on the #dietcoke commercial was skinny enough to give ME body image issues…well played Coke! Diabolical

Bwahahahahaaaa! Using Martin Luther King’s words…to sell trucks in this day and age and political climate? #dumbassidea #thiswontendwell how much pot were they smoking at that ad agency? hoe lee sh*t

a flaccid whale penis just advised me to use #trubotax #badcommercial #wtfwasthat

Who did Metallica piss off? honestly …the entire f8cking world knows they are the obvious choice for the halftime show…but instead I am watching and apparently geriatric Justin Timberland try to relive his 20’s

It’s not a disaster but it’s as though Timberland’s mind still remembers the dance moves but his knees are like “meh”

I can think of no finer tribute to Prince…than his songs being sung buy a white pop star from a different era, who songs and image are completely different and who can’t play guitar, and isn’t even from Minnesota.  Bravo.

this years superbowl ads are an object lesson in what comedians call “trying too hard”. Hey ad agencies…you’re spending a lot of money…how about between now and next year you go to a comedy club or two and hire and ACTUAL COMEDIAN.  Just a thought.

apparently no one at Tide or it’s add agency has been on social media all month to know that everyone is thinking about kids biting tide pods/  golden opportunity for a funny memorable commercial…completely forfeited. oy.

My team lost.  I’ve never had a child get stricken with polio and confined to a wheel chair and then caught in a fire and have to crawl out and then die in my arms from smoke inhalation…but I bet it feels almost as bad as this.

The Patriots…lost…this…this never happens. I don’t know what to do. I don’t…what…I’m going to lay down…

Jan.30, 2018


In the future when we all have A.I. robot companions, I’m going to make sure I get one of these original crummy models. (above) So I can chastise it and say “You’re out of date and no one else but me is ever going to care about you!”

and she’ll say “you…still have…22…payments…left.”

and I’ll say ” You emasculating b*tch! f*ck you!”

her-” f*ck…you too.”

and we’ll glare at each other and then in passions white heat, I’ll swipe everything off of the table and scoop her up and lay her onto it and…the table will break under our weight.

and she’ll say “how.. many times.. before… you learn…I’m too heavy.”

me ” ahhh..I scrapped my shin on your shin”

her ” a bolt…in my knee…is lose again”

me “Yeah..I’ll go get a wrench”

Her “I’m metric ”


and that’s how my future life will be.

Jan. 27, 2018

darkened up a pencil line so you can see me follow it. I am almost never looking at the tip of my brush when I am inking, I am looking at where I want it to go. If you watch the tip you will keep over-correcting. I look an inch or more if possible ahead at the pencil line that I want the brush to follow.
Don’t breath in the middle of a line. When you breath your chest moves and that movement wants to go right down the chain to your hand. Hold your breath, look at where you want the brush to go, just focus on a smooth stroke.
Move as fast as you are comfortable with. I have ruined more lines by going to slow than by going too fast. Once that brush hits the paper, you are living on borrowed time as far as how long your hand, and the brush can stay steady and how long before your brain realizes what you are trying to do should be impossible. Just lay it down and pull it across and move onto the next line.

Jan. 25, 2018

Cabin fever day…I don’t know…114?  I read something about how the human ear has residual muscles in it, similar to dogs and cats, that try to turn it towards sounds.  Since reading this I notice my ears twitch a little when there are noises in the hallway of my apt. building.  It is driving me mad.

Jan. 24, 2018

random ideas for the H.P. Lovecraft trading card set I’m doing two base cards for. None of these really grab me right now, but who knows. With single images I just sketch and hope something appears that has merit. They get to be fancy embossed or foil or such…I don’t know much about fancy cards

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