Feb 5, 2017

re: Lady Gaga

Eh…she gave it a good try. The problem is the Superbowl is such a giant spectacle itself that any attempt to match it always seems flat and silly and reeks of trying too hard. That’s why they need to book Metallica. It would succeed through contrast, just a bunch of guys in t-shirts playing loud music unpretentiously.

Feb 5, 2017

My superbowl prediction is that Lady Gaga’s half time show will be an embarrassing clusterf*ck of a pathetic attempt at becoming relevant again complete with vapid pandering, some halfbaked political message that misses the point of anything either side is pissed off about, technical problems, and imagery that even up to five minutes before hand she thought was going to be really shocking…and five minutes after realizes it was just crap that Marylin Masnon did 15 years ago except brightly colored instead of all black.
-People on the right will act pissed off, even thought they were getting more nachos while she was making an ass out of herself.
-People on the left will pretend they loved it, even though it’s less insightful and/or passionate than 10000000 other things they’ve seen or heard in the last two weeks.
-Millennials with be legitimately annoyed because they think any of a dozen musicians from their generation would have been way better…and they will be correct.
Also the Patriots are going to destroy the Falcons.

Dec 31, 2016

There was a lot of good music made this year. I’m picking this as my favorite of 2016 because of the unintended message of it’s collaboration. Our skin color, our background, ect need to separate us, nor ,in truth, can it. This song is great because Raza of the Wu Tang Clan and Florence Welch have more in common than it appears on first glance…they are both the same kind of train wreck. Together they made something beautiful.

Dec 27, 2016

re. #CarrieFisher -They should bury her in that Slave outfit…and at the funeral someone should go to the podium, look at all the celebrities, point at the open coffin/outfit and say “THAT is what you get when you die on us.”

Dec.24 2016

Years ago at Comic-Con International a lady in sunglasses comes up to my booth with a sense of urgency and wants t-shirts for…I think she said her daughter. She handed over a credit card, which I handed to my helper to run, I don’t deal with stuff I’m “talent” (actually I didn’t know how). He looks at the card and gives me a weird look trying to point at the name without the lady noticing…I give him a look like -I don’t give a f*ck if it’s a stolen card RUN IT. The name on the card…#CarrieFisher. She say’s she’ll pick the card and shirts up later because she’s in a big hurry to get to some meeting or something.
In ten minutes she’s back in front of the booth and I say “that was a short meeting” she looks at me..looks around…”*#@#! are you telling me I went in a complete circle?! How are you supposed to find anything in this this *%#@ing place?” I reply ” Don’t ask me…I never leave this booth” She takes her shirts and credit card…looks back at the crowd with a “f*ck this” look on her face and we talk about the movie “The Burbs” for a few minutes. The point of this story is…she’s a tough broad and is probably bitching about being stuck in the hospital for no reason.