Dec. 6, 2017

Just saw Thor Ragnarok.  and I’d like to point out that the male lead was walking around with his shirt off for en entire scene and the female lead…was covered from neck to foot the entire time.  I mean look at this…his shirt’s off and his pants are really low…and she’s covered up to her earlobes.


How come we don’t get equal eye candy? I didn’t harass nobody, this is an over correcting in the culture!  …NO!…you know what this is? this is age shaming!  It’s because Cate is a “mature” “older” actress and not some 20something. Older women can’t be leered at?…uhm…I mean appreciated for their sexuality? Shame on you Hollywood. shame…on…you.


Nov. 27, 2017

Ever since my birthday, every time my arm falls asleep from leaning on it to long, I convince myself I’m having a stroke. I should get hypnotized to forget how old I am/when my birthday is…it’s useless information anyway that is only leading to psychosomatic episodes.

Nov. 26, 2017

re: these Star Wars memes asking which female lead was the best that NEGLECT to mention the broad from Rogue One. She was the best, period.


All Lea did was bitch and moan and strangle a defenseless green blob, the new one, if left to her own ambitions, would still be wandering a desert selling rusty hunks of crap from broken starships, and Natalie Portman…I don’t know what she did, I didn’t watch any of those because Star Wars is stupid…except for Rogue One.
Rogue One was the best and everyone in it was better than everyone in every other Star wars movie. They are all a pathetic disgrace compared to Rogue One

fresh one



Nov. 23, 2017

Seeing all your pics of family Thanksgivings makes me feel bad for being alone #triggered It’s insensitive to my lifestyle choice #baddecisionshaming #wisdompriviledge Enjoy your giant pile of dishes in a few hours. I’ll have to do no dishes, since I will be eating a cold pop tart over the sink with oldies music playing on a staticy am radio and only a 60 watt light bulb on in my dark shabby apartment #green …yeah, that’s it, I’m “green”! I care about the environment, I have my own place and no baggage, I’m a catch! Say…you’re alone too, how about you come over and we could both enjoy…hmm…never mind, your nose is juuuust a bit off center #notgoodenough #getlost #betteroffalone.

Nov. 21, 2017

I’m still seeing TWD memes about how sad it was when the tiger died…am I just a cold fish or do you people have a screw lose? It was a GCI tiger that had been onscreen for like a total of 5 1/2 minutes in the entire series. This had all the impact to me as super mario getting killed by one of those turtles…bo dop boppa dop bop dink. (shrug)

Nov. 16, 2017

They have begun selling life like, interactive “sexual companion” androids. I look forward to being able to afford one in ten years that has a primer grey left arm, a giant dent in the side and pulls hard to the left when I try to stop.

Nov. 10, 2017

They did a pretty decent job CGI-ing Peter Cushings face over someone in Rouge One…just do that with every movie Kevin Spacey was ever in, problem solved. They’d actually be way better. Think about it, Peter Cushing in Seven, the men who stare at goats…American Beauty’d be a completely different movie.
In fact, from now on let’s make that the rule in Hollywood…you get in some sort of trouble, your face is replaced with Peter Cushing on everything you’ve ever worked on. #deterent #winwin