April 14, 2018

Radio Legend Art bell has died.  Spent so much time dreading Stan lee passing on, I didn’t see this coming. He was every bit the story teller and capture-er of imagination as Stan. Some thoughts on him, and comic drawn while listening to his show in this weeks mass email.

April 15, 2018

TWD season finale spoilers?  I guess…just think of the most ridiculous adaptation of the comic book ending and you’d be close enough.

Highlights include-

-the most tactically stupid “ambush” possible…you might want to oh..i dunno…surround them? so they couldn’t just run back into the woods?

-ma tov cocktails causing giant explosions after being hurled from, what we can assume from our vantage point/how much we could see around the victims, at least 50 yards away.

-a man who had his throat cut being saved by a pre-med student without even a first aid kit.

Most of the bad/ridiculous was from taking scenes that can only seem plausible in a comic book and not adapting them very well. Comic book timing is different…which leaves room to the imagination as to how people got from point a to point b, what off panel surroundings are, what is going on off panel. This element of narrative safety does not exist in live action. You’d think by season 8 they would have figured out how to reconcile that.  but, nope.

I look forward to the FTWD premier…which did not happen after TWD as promised. What we got was 15 seconds of a FTWD teaser at the end of a TWD epilogue.  In which characters who have been ambushed twice already in the span of one day, ( and Morgan having been ambushed COUNTLESS times over the course of TWD) still do not learn how to avoid an ambush.

When does Better Call Saul start?


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