March 9, 2018

Re: jessica Jones season2-

NoooOOOooOOOO…sob…not the whizzer D*: damn you MCU! damnnnn youuuu leave my obscure favorites alone! D:< leave ’em alone! Don’t you have enough A and B list characters to use?!
he didn’t have a pet mongoose, he had mongoose blood…his dad had to give him a blood transfusion and they were in the jungle and all they had was a mongoose…and it gave him the speed of a mongoose, and he became the whizzer and fought Nazis…but you took all that and made him silly. D:
…Listen to me…listen to me right now, (speaking slowly and hypnotically) there is no Fixer…there is no Tigra…there is no Shroud…there is no Moon Knight…There is no Egghead…There is no Monica Rambue…these characters do not exist…do not exist…you will forget they ever appeared in a comic 3…2…1 (snaps fingers)


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