Jan. 3, 2018

I did something once that was just…terrible. So bad I’ve never told one single person, ever. I hold it in reserve in case I ever have to travel back in time and convince myself I’m me, in order to pass along information to save us all…it’s likely some of you may be around to hear it…and I don’t want to hear any bullsh*t once you do because me saving the world should supersede that. In fact…I think saving the world warrants me getting bj’s from whoever I say…and that look of shock/disgust/being ashamed of me when you hear of thing I did…that’s what I want to see when I look down. Or…I could just not save the world…your choice.

hmm…unless I have to travel so far back in time it’s before I did that unnamed thing, in which case we’re all screwed.

…and THAT is what a week of sub zero temperatures is doing to me. #whereisthesun #wantfreshair #wanttohearbirdssing


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