Nov. 3, 2017

I hate to say it but I like Bill Johnstone better than Orson Wells as The Shadow. Possibly because the Shadow is a action hero of sorts and I can only picture the later years, really over weight, washed up version of Orson Welles from “at touch of Evil” were he’s constantly sweating and has labored breath when he exerts himself. hmm…actually I’ve changed my mind, that version of the Shadow would be awesome. “The Shadow commands you to slow the f*ck down…I’m not as young as I used to be, and I’m not chasing your frightened ass down three flights of stares. If fact…the Shadow is just going to sit here a minute (wipes sweat off of forehead with scarf) …I swear the cleaners shrunk this cloak. It’s very unflattering now, doesn’t help me project a striking silhouette…very unflattering. This is Margo’s handy work, I’m certain of that. I told that airhead not to take my clothes to the cleaners downtown. She’s got nice gams but nothing upstairs…do you have any rye?”
…if you’re not 95 yrs old you probably didn’t understand any of that. #youreloss #classics #otr #fukthisnewfangledbullshit #rattleametalsheetforthundernoise #talkintoacupforecho #buybluecoal #luckystrikes #lsmft


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