Oct. 12 , 2017

almost all of these incidents/assaults with Weinstein involve him greeting women while he’s wearing a bathrobe. “Bathrobe”? Is this a rich person thing? I haven’t owned a bathrobe since I was like 12. I just swing the door open, naked and shivering, yelling “WHAT DO YOU WANT?! Can’t I have five minutes to myself to take a f*cking shower?!”

Really, I don’t get that part. Was the bathrobe some kind of way for him to gauge the situation? like depending on how they reacted to him being in just a bathrobe? If it was it’s a bad gauge…If a woman that I WANTED to sleep with opened the door and was in a bathrobe, I’d just figure out some reason to leave quickly and come back some other time because I’d assume I interrupted her just before she was going to take a shower.

Is there something sexual implied by wearing a bathrobe that I don’t understand? It’s one step away from them greeting you with their toothbrush in their mouth. I don’t get it.


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