October 5

Lookee what the Mailman brought today. Copies of my alternative cover for Valiant’s F.F.F. colored by Erika Rolbiecki even though it’s just a part and off to the side, the look on Bloodshots face cracks me up.

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September 30

I think I have finally managed to unfollow everyone who constantly posts political screed, AND everyone who posted a pic of Hugh Heffnor with a playboy bunny…i just…I don’t want to think about an old man sleeping with a 20 year old, it’s creepy.
….No, YOU’RE projecting

September 22

Did some sketching today for people Cincinnati Comic Expo

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September 21 ·

88Nine RadioMilwaukee
Re: your “sound travels” segments featuring “music” from foreign lands…PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. I don’t know what is more awful…the incoherent yodeling of garage band level musicians from third world countries or the f*cking backstory we don’t need to hear. “he would put wads of paper in his guitar to give a different sound” oh gee, isn’t that interesting…NO ONE GIVES F*CK. I know you’re really getting off by naming bands/countries know one ever heard off, and don’t we all think they are full of moxie for owning an amplifier in a land with no access to indoor plumbing or polio vaccine but that don’t change that fact that it’s f*cking ear poison.
Do you understand that this segment (interruption of music) doesn’t even need to exist. I don’t know if you’re aware but we all have the internet and hear music from “foreign lands” whenever we want, in fact…your’s and other radio station also play foreign music all the time…now that I think about it 30% of your REGULAR PLAYLIST is musicians from outside the U.S.. this is a solution in search of a problem.
What this segment should be called is SH*TTY MUSICIANS no one ever heard of that the DJ probably is name dropping to impress someone or convince himself that this is a “career”. If I want to seek out new exotic music I ain’t gonna go looking for recommendations from some sitting in guy in a studio in MILWAUKEE.
Now…go back to playing hot millennials who are too young to realize they are ripping off the pretenders.

September 17

On recommendation ( constant badgering) from a friend, I have watched 45 minutes of Andy Kaufman doing stand up.
*shrugs*…I don’t get it.
All comedians and comedy writers who go on and on about this guy I will now look at like game of thrones fans…for reasons that I cannot fathom they think something is great…that I never need to see another second of.


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