Sept. 3 , 2017

There’s a bunch of videos on youtube on how to fix yellowed and discolored vintage Star Wars figures…a subject I have zero interest in, but am watching intently…that’s how bad I don’t want to try to ink this page. I can’t just sit here at my all night desk starring at it. sigh …Imma draw Wonder Woman instead.

(sometime later)

That’s a decent first try. Just have to screen cap some reference of her costume. Gal has a very classic and simple face with a quirky smile, I’m sure I could get that. then some inking effects to her rope …….WTF am I doing?! I have actual work to do.

okay…i’m gonna do this A.L. page of something bad happening to a child. Then as a reward, for fun I’m gonna draw Wonder Woman. I wonder if sometimes late at night when no one was looking Beethoven played the spoons.


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