Feb. 21, 2018

This illustration is for a trading card set from Monsterwax, and a trading card is 3×4 (or something like that) so this is going to be reduced a lot more than when I do something for a book.
I use a lot of fine lines and want to be sure I’m not doing details so fine that they’ll either disappear or blur together when reduce. So I blew up the lines from some other card to the size I draw. The thinnest line and gaps between lines are about double the thickness as I usually do (top arrow).
This means I have to either apply more pressure with the brush as I go, to get thicker lines (which will make the curves more difficult) or basically go over each line twice. The latter is more effective buy slightly annoying. But so far it’s going okay. My line with the arrow by it, is doubled and about as thin as I think I’m going to get away with and have it show up.



Feb 19, 2017

Took some melatonin to help me sleep, and had my first “lucid dream” maybe ever.  At the point I realized it, I was in a room with Angry Video Game nerd and Jeff from AthleanX (youtube personalities) AVGN said “I think this is a lucid dream” and I said “so I can make anything happen” and he said “yeah, pretty much” and I said “so I’m basically writing…in my sleep…and not getting paid for it” then I just had us all sit there…sit there and do nothing until I woke up.  pfft I don’t work for free.

Feb 16, 2018

Doing a couple of illustrations for a H.P. Lovecraft trading card set from Monsterwax . This idea didn’t make the cut. I can understand why, there’s not much going on, almost no background, the composition is meh, and I’m pretty sure the guy’s posture isn’t right. What I don’t understand is why I like it…this has all the elements of an illustration I would mock, but I like this so much I might draw it up and ink a little everytime I need a warm up. I dunno (shrug)


Feb, 10, 2018

seeing a lot of comments about how the North Korea cheerleaders are like clones.  So, it’s okay again to say all Asians look alike? Whew, that’s a relief, you don’t know how many time I almost stepped into a big bag of sh8t by saying…oh…you mean because they all dressed and moved the same.  Yeah…me too…what did you think I meant? ( looking around nervously) I’m gonna log back off now.

Feb. 9 , 2018

okay…the South Korean figure skater almost lost her top…fine. This shouldn’t be a sport, how can you ( at the level they are competing) quantify someone dancing better than someone else. I’m watching this and thinking it’s like comparing a Davinci painting and a Michaelangelo painting. It’s all looks good to me. Just give everyone a gold medal and let’s GTF out there, because every second that ticks by is a second closer to some international incident

Feb. 9, 2018

after it snows like this I only clean long 4inch slits on each of my windows and pretend I’m in an armored car. added benefit to this is all the other cars on the road give me a wide berth, Also no one can see that I’m drinking. Love winter.

Feb, 7, 2018

No you haven’t been blocked ( unless you have) My Facebook page is disabled…I’m having an issue with ole FB…I wouldn’t count on FB anymore, just come here, and/or sing up for the email updates.